Privacy Statement

Boise ACFE Privacy Policy

Boise ACFE is committed to protecting personal information that it collects and uses regarding our members, customers, website users, and other respective parties. This privacy policy notifies you of the following:

  • Purposes for which we process information
  • The information we collect and how we use it
  • Parties we share information with
  • Your rights concerning your personal data
  • Our contact information

Purposes for which we process information

To manage your membership and provide you with educational opportunities, we need to collect various types of data. We use your personal information to identify when you joined or left Boise ACFE, whether you have passed the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Exam and met the qualifications to obtain the CFE credential, and for similar membership management practices. The CFE designation is an achievement that the public relies on to identify a person with anti-fraud experience, knowledge, and professionalism, so we also have a duty to the public to verify whether you are a CFE in good standing.

Additionally, we provide continuing education at chapter meetings and conferences, and other anti-fraud educational materials. We collect your information to process registrations, issue refunds, and provide other customer service functions. It is also necessary to collect transactional data to meet our accounting, tax, and regulatory requirements. We also send you communications about the products and services we offer. We understand that communicating with you is a privilege, not a right, and we work hard to be efficient and only send such messages that we think you will be interested in.

The information we collect and how we use it

Most of the data we collect comes from what you provide to us directly. This may include name, contact information (phone, email, physical address, phone number, etc.), employer, job title, and professional interests.

Record retention and destruction   

We have a record retention and destruction schedule that is designed to retain information for only as long as we need it to manage membership status; and comply with accounting standards, tax requirements, lawful court orders, and other applicable laws.

Parties we share information with

Our general policy is that we do not share personal data with third parties unless you ask us to. There are, however, certain limited exceptions that are described below.

Joint Meetings and Conferences with Other Professional Organizations

We may plan and organize joint meetings and conferences with other professional organizations like the Idaho Society of CPAs. We may share attendee lists, contact information and other relevant data with our joint partner(s) in order to bring these to fruition and to provide continuing education credits to attendees.

Membership Directory

Our membership directory with personal contact information is available to members of our chapter only. Subscriber members and non-members do not have access to the directory. Members may remove their names and contact information from the directory if they so desire.

Your rights concerning your personal data

We take your privacy rights seriously and are committed to the transparent collection and use of your information. The following information pertains to your rights to your personal information:

Right to access personal information

Our goal is to be transparent about the information we store about you. Many jurisdictions provide individuals with a right to require organizations holding their personal information to provide them access to it. We will do our best to honor any request for access to personal information. Upon request, we will describe the information we have about you, explain the purpose for which we hold it, explain what parties we disclose it to, and let you have a copy in an intelligible form. To request access to all information we hold about you, you must submit your request in writing using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Changing or correcting data

If you are a member or have a user account on our website, you can login to to edit your account information. If you believe that any information we have about you is incorrect or incomplete, you may contact us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Making a complaint against us

We encourage anyone with questions or complaints about our privacy policy or practices to bring them to our attention. If you would like to make a complaint against us, some jurisdictions have regulatory bodies to receive and review such complaints, such as the Federal Trade Commission in the United States.

Contact Information

Boise Chapter of the ACFE, Inc.
P.O. Box 1562
Boise, ID 83701

[email protected]

Contact information for specific board members Is available on our website, You may use the e-mail address shown above or contact an officer or director through the website.

Policy effective as of May 31, 2019